So Far, So Good

Remember that time I decided to move to Portugal? I don’t make them all the time, but this one has definitely been a good decision. It took a little while to get here as we took a short detour through St. John’s, Dublin and London  (what’s a few weeks between friends, right?) but after some settling in I think I am in the right place- Costa de Caparica, Portugal. I loved Dublin. It was my first time there and I would love to return.  Who needs to eat or sleep when you could drink Guinness all day every day? I’m not the only one who’s tried it.

Costa de Caparica is a quiet town close to campus, south of Lisbon across the Rio Tejo. Although I don’t speak Portuguese (yet) I haven’t had any problems with the language barrier. Everyone is so helpful and the food is incredible. Really. I can’t even describe how good the fish is. Not to mention the two-euro bottles of wine.…… Again, I’ve moved to the right place.

VICARTE is a neat place. It is situated on the Faculty of Science and Technology Campus, which is very different from the other schools I have been to. I also have access to the studios and facilities at the University of Fine Art in Lisbon, which I plan on visiting this week. I haven’t really started “working” yet although I have been dabbling in a few things like chemistry, raw glass making, laser engraving…….. And assisting the blowing of 15th century Portuguese stained glass for corrosion testing.  Coolest thing ever….  so far 

I haven’t been the best tourist but I do have a few photos of my journey here. I plan on doing some testing on the laser engraver in the next week and perhaps that will get the ball rolling on some new work or experimentation with photos to follow. I hope you enjoy and perhaps come visit me in the sun soon!