What is the Finnish word for Reset?

I’ve only been at Arteles Creative Center for a few days but it feels just like home. Snuggled in between a series of lakes and ponds in a heavily forested area (really, where in Finland isn’t?) in rural Finland, I arrived here from Iceland not knowing what to expect. 

To me the landscape looks just like Alberta, minus the snow (sorry guys). It has been strange coming from a place with no trees or wood products to speak of to somewhere where you can’t escape the woods and lumber products are plentiful. I even felt a bit guilty lighting the wood stove in the sauna last night  (but I sure forgot all about that while I used it!).

The residency buildings are spectacular.  They are rustic and comfortable, spacious and bright. I said in Iceland that I was going to really let things happen organically without expectations or pressure, which I did. I am trying to adopt the same outlook here (Arteles Creative Centers slogan is “Freedom to Create” or not if I so choose), but I feel like it would be a waste not to take advantage of the beautiful working space. So I guess the pressure is back on!

This place has definitely rekindled my love for bird song and the orchestras out here are spectacular. On that note maybe I will start working tomorrow and instead continue editing my Icelandic exhibition photos on a bench in the sun and listen to what I am assuming was composed especially for me. After all, working is for the birds.