Almost Halfway to Somewhere

I won't try to sugar coat it....... I've been terrible at keeping in touch lately. I think, however, with the change of seasons, the new school year and the amazing super moon lunar eclipse last week... all signs are pointing to the importance of letting go of the past and welcoming in the new. So here I go....

Last semester marked my second solo exhibition in Portugal, Almost Halfway to SomeWhere. It was a culmination of my more successful endeavours from the semester. I have been working with porcelain and bees wax quite a bit recently and will continue experimenting with these materials this semester.

I have also been up to some very exciting collaborations with the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência in Lisbon. I don't want to give anything away yet, but I am super excited about the opportunity to play with dead things! 

I also just received news that I have been invited back to Iceland for a 6 week artist residency in March of 2016......... I can't wait! My last visit to Iceland provided immeasurable inspiration for me, and with the residency so close to my thesis delivery, I hope that it will again do the same. 

Until then, I'll be here in Portugal, making friends with donkeys, imagining the impossible and listening to this.  Oh, and did I mention that Ill be home for Christmas?!?!!!!?!!!

Here are some photos from my last exhibition (which have FINALLY been updated in my website portfolio) along with a video of a Lighting Prototype by Richard Meitner that I had the honour to assist with.