Carissa Baktay is a sculptor from Canada and a recent graduate of the Master of Glass Art and Science at VICARTE in Lisbon, Portugal, currently working in Reykjavik, Iceland. Working with blown and kiln formed glass since 2008, Carissa earned a BFA in Glass from the Alberta College of Art & Design and studied at The Rhode Island School of Design. She has participated in Snow and Ice sculpting residencies in Norway, was accepted to the 2011/2012 Living Arts Center Fellowship in Glass, and has attended multiple self directed residencies in Iceland and Finland. During the last two years Carissa has been working sculpturally in mixed media and materials specifically related to glassmaking processes such as ceramic and porcelain, plaster and wax, creating a body of work that was presented in two solo exhibitions at The National Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.

sweetC design was established in 2012 as an alternate practice to my conceptual body of work, catering to my personal need to create beautifully designed and easily accessible glass objects.